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Top Indian Hospitals Woo Medical Tourism From Canada

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In these modern times, India has some excellent medical professionals in specialised fields, and with their state-of-the-art medical facilities, they are attracting patients requiring surgery from all corners of the globe.

Whether its cancer treatment or hip replacement, doctors and hospitals are well equipped to affordable attend to patients who can't get the same treatments in their own country because of expense. No wonder, medical tourism in India is now one among the booming industries anticipated to bring mammoth revenue in the coming years.

Its outstanding healthcare services at minimal cost along with the promise of a impeccable recuperative holiday are enticing patients from across the world.

Many Medical Visas being Issued

India has been issuing many medical visas, and in fact, last year in 2016, the country's visa's issued rose to 45%.With statistics like this, you can see that India is fast becoming a drawcard for foreigners wanting their knee- and hip replacement done professionally and affordably in India.

Knee replacement in India is performed by highly qualified surgeons, and they've got the means to perform the latest breakthrough procedures for surgery.Operations include among others, total- and partial knee replacement, knee ligament reconstruction and arthroscopic knee surgery.

Most of the people coming to India for treatment are from Afghanistan, the Middle East, Africa, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, but now Canadians are looking to jump on the bandwagon too, and with more and more patients looking to benefit from the sheer affordability, medical tourism to Indian is expected to reach $8 billion by the year 2020.

No More Lengthy Waiting Periods

Because of Canada's public healthcare being so expensive and the waiting periods for surgery becoming ever longer, many Canadians are looking to India for medical treatments at some of their first-world medical care centres.Cancer treatments in Canada cost a fortune but in India it will cost you a fraction of the cost and this includes excellent accommodation and airfare to the country.

Being referred to as a global healthcare hub, there are many Indian doctors who have had their medical training- and graduated in the UK, the United States, Australia and Canada – countries which demand extra training.

Book your Place for Affordable Surgery

India offers the best in medicare and it has therefore become an outstanding destination for healthcare. There are medical tourism agents available to arrange all your bookings and to book your flight to affordable medical attention and future health and happiness.

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